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Our staff at D’Ellena Law Office is here to answer all of your questions.  Our dedicated paralegals ensure that our office runs like a well-oiled machine.  Here’s an introduction to the paralegal staff handling your file and ensuring that your closing will be as smooth as possible.


Donielle Goodreau

Primarily handles incoming title requests from Lenders and orders all applicable titles and Municipal Lien Certificates.  Donielle also gathers initial municipal information on the file and is responsible to send out all initial communications to clients and agents to set the expectations on the upcoming real estate closing.


Kristen Cascella

Communicates with the Lenders to confirm a Clear to Close and finalize the Closing Disclosures and provide clients and agents with the final funds required to complete the closing.  As a Closer, Kris also schedules with the parties and works closely with the seller’s attorney to coordinate a timely exchange of documents.


Tabitha Martineau

Primarily responsible for the quality control review and return of the closing package to the Lender, as applicable.  Tabitha also ensures the prompt disbursement of funds including but not limited to mortgage payoffs, final water/sewer bills, and tax payments.  She also requests the title policy and mails it to the client, along with the original Deed several weeks after the closing.


Peter Monti

The resident accountant handles all exchange of funds, including deposits, wires, and general bills along with required bank reconciliations.  


Michelle Finlay

Handles all title reviews for any possible setbacks and ensure that the closing can proceed without delay while working to cure all title issues with the cooperation of the attorneys and all parties, as required.  She also communicates with all parties to advise that the required title documents have been received and confirm that we are running on time. 


Kristen Meehan

As a Closer, Kristen will communicate with Lenders, Clients and Sellers counsel to ensure a smooth and timely closing and exchange of information.  Kristen is also the office manager and handles many aspects of managing the practice on a daily basis.  Further, she troubleshoots issues and maintains oversight of all files to ensure a flawless finish.


Ashley Amaral

As a Post Closer, Ashley ensures that any and all post-closing issues such as an escrow issue or tax problem that may arise is being quickly and properly resolved with any reconciliations between the buyers & sellers, as necessary.

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