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A Message About COVID-19

We appreciate the opportunity to continue assisting you with all aspects of your real estate transactions during the COVID pandemic.   We are grateful for your patience during this trying time as many aspects of our services are impacted due to COVID.  While we are working diligently to ensure that all closings and title searches are continuing on time, we are experiencing delays as many Cities and Towns remain closed with limited appointments for in-person searches. 


Additionally, some of our staff may still be working remotely and as such we have limited phone availability, and all clients will need to be scheduled by appointment.  


In order to comply with State guidelines, we are now conducting closings with Buyers & Sellers, separately provided that all individuals are healthy and not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID.   We are sharing signed copies of the Settlement Statement with Realtors, as the transaction is complete, recorded, and finalized or within 24 hours of completing the closing.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss closings during COVID further, please call or email Carmine or Melissa. Thank You!!

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