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Short Sales

What is a Short Sale?:

A Short Sale is a banks willingness to accept less money than what is owed in order to facilitate a private sale between a willing seller and a willing buyer.

For Example: If a Seller marketing his home owes $275,000.00 to the bank and it is determined that the house is only worth $250,000.00 then they will either need to bring cash to the closing or ensure that there is a short sale negotiated in advance of the closing.

Short Sales are accepted within the discretion of each lender based on the individual circumstances of each home owner/seller.

Who will qualify for a Short Sale?

Any one that can demonstrate a financial need for a short sale will be considered. Additionally any one that has experienced a hardship, including a death, divorce, disability may be considered for short sale relief.

Does the homeowner need to be late on their mortgage?

NO. Although most short sales are used as an alternative to foreclosure, most Lenders are willing to entertain a short sale even while loans are still current.

Will a Short Sale impact my credit?

Yes a short sale may be reported to the credit bureau as a charge off account. This reporting can impact credit between 80-100 FICO points, compared to a foreclosure which impacts credit by 100-250 FICO points. A short sale may not be reported as a charge off if a Note Modification is signed by the seller.

What is a Note Modification?

There are two types of Note Modifications:

  1. Note Modification pursuant to a Short sale ?An agreement signed by the seller agreeing to re-pay any deficiency balance to the lender over time.
  2. Note Modification as an alternative to Selling ?If a homeowner can no longer afford to keep their mortgage but they are interested in keeping their home they may be able to negotiate a note modification with the lender. The lender will consider re-working the mortgage payment or reducing interest rates based on the circumstances of the homeowner. Typically the home owner will be required to submit a Note Modification Application along with financial records (Tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, etc)

What should I expect if I am Buying a House that is in Short Sale?

If you are buying a home and the seller is in short sale negotiations you must be aware that this is a process. On average the lenders take between 30 and 45 days before they issue a short sale approval letter. Once the letter is issued then the buyer is expected to close on the property within 2- 3 weeks. That means for a buyer you must have all financing contingencies cleared while waiting for the approval and once the approval is issued your loan officer should move forward with the financing (ordering appraisals, etc.) When buying a property in Short Sale you must be patient, this is a process! You should be informed about the status of the process by the realtors, attorneys and negotiators.

Do I need a Short Sale Negotiator?

Yes, it is recommended that a short sale negotiator be retained in order to facilitate a smooth short sale. A short sale negotiator has the responsibility of obtaining all short sale documents from the seller and forwarding them to the lender once a written offer is submitted. The negotiator will then follow up with the lender, usually daily, to ensure the file is progressing. The short sale is also expected to communicate with the parties as to the progress to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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